Skill Development Programmes

There shall be training and camps for ETC members so as to equip them with required knowledge and experience for handling the tourist. It would be the duty of the Forest department to provide the following things to them. 

•   Awareness about the Forest Acts and Rules

•   Awareness classes about the micro-plan and its wide impacts

•   Tours and training programme which make aware of tourism programme

Visitor facilities

Information on various ecotourism programmes are provided at the information centre at Viripara and Anakulam range office respectively. A snack stall will be functioning in all ecotourism sites. Permitted food items can be sold to visitors. Waste bin will be provided in all centers and guides should ensure that no plastic waste is dumped inside the forest.

Accomodation at Viripara

There is one Jungle Traveler’s Hostel facility at Viripara. This can be rented out to the visitors.