Welcome toMankulam Nature Appreciation Centre

Mankulam Division comprises of luxuriant forests with undulating terrain. The plan area is situated in the High Ranges of Southern Western Ghats. The whole area falls in Mankulam Panchayath of Devikulam Taluk. The area is with full of perennial waterfalls and presence of wildlife. One of the areas under the Mankulam Division, the Anakulam, is unique for sure sighting of elephants come as herds to drink water and replenish nutrients from the stream flowing at Anakulam.

Eco Tourism

The attractiveness of this area is as a good destination for the tourist. But the potentials of ‘protection oriented ecotourism’ have not been explored to benefit stake holders and fringe area people. The current eco-tourism plan is oriented to scientifically manage the wilderness and for assisting protection and to improve the livelihood of the dependant people.

Bird watching

It is an interpretive hiking programme offering excellent opportunity of bird watching along the trial. Birds, butterflies and other smaller faunal...

Heritage Dance

The Members of Muduvan/Mannar tribes living in the fringes of forests portray their culture. They find again their tradition and folklores in the dusk time, and ...


Kozhiyalakuthu is a stunning water fall in Anakulam Range. It is situated 2 Km away from Anakulam. The trekking is along the river side ...

Elephant watching

Opportunity will be given to the visitors to see around and they can also view the elephant herds in the river from gallery / watch tower.


Ecotourism committees will be formed under each VSS for carrying out the ecotourism programmes. Eco-tourism Committee (ETC) will be selected by the general body of each VSS. A group of 6-10 interested persons shall be selected to constitute the ETC.

Our Mission

Providing citizens a unique opportunity to experience, understand, appreciate and connect with nature. It minimises negative economic, environmental and social impacts. It generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well being of host communities.

Our Vision

An aesthetically designed centre depicting rich bio diversity of the region in a fine environment and offering citizens the finest Nature experience opportunity.