The revenue from each location goes to RFPF of Mankulam FDA. All maintenance charges for the tourism programme shall be met from the RFPF fund. Every member of the committee will have a bank account through which the transactions would be made. 

The total revenue will be shared as follows

•   60% of revenue - ETC

•   40% of Revenue - RFPF( FDA)

Out of the 60% of revenue, the Eco-tourism committee has to disperse the salaries of ETC members and the remaining amount would be deposited to the River Forest Protection Fund of ETC. Whenever, this amount exceeds Rs. 1000, it should be transferred into the RFPF account of   Chairman.

Salary of ETC members

A fixed daily wages would be paid to each ETC member during the tourism season. During the lean period, substance funds can be provided for ETC members from the ETC fund.